Our philosophy

Why us? We are young, fast & flexible

We, Daan and Sam, are two highly educated tech natives who form the perfect combination between business understanding and tech-savviness. We believe work should be fun and challenging, so why not start our own business? In March 2019 we actually did and see where it got us.

We're not going to keep you from all the interesting stuff, but let's use a few sentences to introduce ourselves. Daan is a Computer Science fanatic and has been working on Software Development projects the past few years. From the start he wanted to be independent and chose to only work as a freelancer. Deep down he already knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur like his mom and a scientist like his dad. Sam is a data muncher and is also into business. He enjoys combining these two passions which led to a few "failed" startups. However, according to Google it takes 12 failed startups to become successful. Way to go, you'll get there one day. Together we are the perfect combination of business and technology.

We are the Next Generation

We were born with the next generation tools making us capable of recognising opportunities quickly. Together with you we will create simple digital solutions that will automate and help understand difficult problems. As we are a small team, we're fast, lean and flexible in our work. We save time & lift the bar to the best performers.

Syntactics helps recognise and utilise digital opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency in your business. How do we do this? We do this together with clients. This means we come over to your organisation and help you identify where and how to reduce recurring tasks and errors, increase quality of analytics, generate new valuable data or even clone your best employee. We can save your employees time, lift the bar to your best performers and make work more challenging and fun.

We Co-Create

We always kick off with a brainstorm session to understand the actual opportunities. By asking the right questions we can figure out what you need. After generating new insights, we help you turn them into actions. Preferably we co-create, meaning together we own the solution. This leads to better understanding from both sides and more drive from stakeholders.

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We build Custom & Flexible solutions

By unlocking the true value of data we can generate new insights. These insights lead to building smart yet understandable applications which can automate actions.

We believe there are three main pillars in our solutions: Generating insights, turning insights into actions and automating such actions.

We improve Productivity, Efficiency & Quality

Our custom solutions will make your business more productive and efficient. Still doing a lot of manual labour? Then we can help you improve quality too. By standardising and automating, human errors are in the past.

Our team

Daan vermunt, founder of syntactics

Daan Vermunt

Sam van Houten, founder of Syntactics

Sam van Houten

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