Machine learning at Syntactics

We boost insights & drive productivity by creating custom data science solutions

From forecasting and classification models to automation of repetitive tasks, all data science problems can be solved. What is your next digital step up the ladder?

Machine learning at Syntactics

We help companies find and build data science opportunities to increase value

Syntactics finds opportunities to increase efficiency & quality and reduce errors. We develop the data science solutions you need. Our philosophy is that you can only build something useful with the people who are going to use it. Our focus is on turning repetitive human tasks into high quality machine learning solutions.

This makes us flexible and fast in building custom digital applications. Embrace new technology to empower your team and make your business thrive. Together we will find the right digital solution for your case. Check out our philosophy, team and previous projects to learn more.

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Recognise new opportunities

Start understanding your data and your processes. The first step in becoming a digital leader is creating insights from your data leading to actually understand whats going on.

Our philosophy

Custom & flexible digital solutions

Already identified your opportunities? Then it's time to turn your insights into actions. Understanding is key but becoming actionable is at least as important. Every challenge is different so our solutions are custom and flexible.

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Agile & Lean

Our way of working is not only custom & flexible. We're fast and lean as we preferably iterate in short loops. Together with your team we will work through our own developed process. While quickly building solutions we constantly check if the solution satisfies your needs.

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Projects & clients who we've helped before

Some of our clients would like to share how much they love us and some projects we really loved.

Daan Hoek, client of SyntacticsJoost van Houten, client of Syntactics

Daan - Co-founder of UV Smart
"At UV Smart we were in need of a quick solution to be able to increase our leads. The communication between Syntactics and us was fluent and we're very satisfied with their data gathering solution." 

Joost - MD of
"Syntactics did a great job partnering with our team at our location and would highly recommend their swift and practical service. The final product (integrated in our workflow) is used every week!"

Jelle Tax, client of Syntactics365 capital a client of syntactics

Jelle - Co-founder of Travelfiesta
"Syntactics are great developers and have been of great help for our organisation. They are highly organised and easy to communicate with. They are very good at thinking along with what is needed, solving processes and creating solutions for complex problems. I highly recommend them for building systems and making your company more efficient."

365 Capital - Private Equity Firm
"Working together with Syntactics has been very pleasant. While delivering results fast, they take the time to discuss analytics face-to-face.
We are very happy with the final data-driven due-diligence report, which aided in completing a successful investment."

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